Customised training

We offer customised training and technical assistance designed at the request of public or private entities, following these methodological guidelines:

Previous capacity diagnostics are carried out. In this way, training and technical assistance are contextualised and based on the current situation and characteristics of the client.

Practical solutions are offered to the specific problems of each actor. These solutions are applicable in the specific context and are built on existing capacities.

The training actions are intended to have a broad demonstrative and multiplying potential to replicate the generation of capabilities within the organisation or institution.

Capacity building is inclusive and participatory, involving the beneficiaries in identifying the changes that need to be promoted, in the design and execution of actions, in evaluating results and in the systematisation of lessons learned.

Customised training is aimed at empowering the target entities, giving them the necessary autonomy to apply the skills acquired without needing external support once the course has been completed.