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Our projects always place PEOPLE at the centre of development processes, generate opportunities for INTEGRATION in the most vulnerable environments and promote HUMAN RIGHTS.

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The option to make your donation through BIZUM is easy and secure. You can donate in 3 simple steps:

1. Select the BIZUM option in your bank’s mobile App (usually in the transfers section).

2. Go to the “DONATE” section and enter our code; it is 05535.

3. Select the amount you want to contribute, and press send.

Your money will arrive immediately! As we are a Foundation, we receive 100% of your donation.


* 80% deduction for the first 150 euros donated.

*Over the first 150 euros:
-35% deduction
-40% deduction for regular donations made over three years to the same entity for an equal or higher amount.

Since 1983, CIDEAL has promoted development cooperation actions in more than 25 African, Latin American, Caribbean and Asia countries.